Meet The A2B Team

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A post to introduce you to our dedicated team, here to help you with everything stationery. 

Meet The Team

Dom O’Brien                           

Dom has been at A2B since February of 2015. He is an integral member of our team and some might say he acts as a father figure to the younger staff members. You can easily distinguish when you’re on the phone with Dom as his Australian twang will be at the forefront of your thoughts. Our resident Australian swapped the sunny beaches of Brisbane for the exquisite Fylde Coast!

Dom’s interests outside of A2B include Cricket, Long Walks and socialising with his colleagues.

Jonathan ‘J Wow’ Waite                                                                


Jonathan is the office clown, but when it comes down to business there aren’t many better. He will often be the guy letting you know your order status whilst also keeping you in the know about our recent products and prices. Jonathan rates himself among the top sportsman Great Britain has ever produced, often telling other staff member of his previous conquests but rarely backing them up with much sporting success.

Jonathan loves working, playing golf and dreaming big.


Got an issue? Harry is the man to speak to, the ever so helpful head of customer services can solve most problems customers face. Harry loves socialising with friends, watching films and fashion.                                                               


Matt Taaffe

Matt is the man that can do everything, whatever needs doing Matt can do. Often referred to as the ‘utility man’ due to his vast knowledge of all things A2B. You can often find Matt trying to withhold his laughter as anything from a funny sounding cough to an awkward silence can set him off.

Matts interests include cricket, socialising and going to the rugby league to watch Warrington Wolves.


Will Stone

The leader of the pack, the general of the troops Will has been one of the pioneers behind the growth of this company and continues to nurture its success. Will is a talented hockey player when he turns up fit, sometimes Friday night antics come before his Saturday hockey. 



Sid is the newest member of our warehouse team. Despite having been here for less than a month he has already managed to have a week in Amsterdam, all right for some… Sid does not like football, somethings that Sid does enjoy include art, music and graffiti. 



The lovely Trish is the glue that keeps the warehouse together, keeping the young lads in line when needs be. Trish loves to work, look after the grandchildren and walking.



Ben Saunders 

Ben is fast becoming one of the leading team members here at A2B. He’s the man behind the magic, processing your orders on a daily basis whilst trying to ensure you get what you want when you want it. Ben loves socialising often coordinating the teams social gatherings. However, if you fail to turn up over the weekend you may feel the cold shoulder come Monday.

Ben loves his cars, cricket and social networking.




Tom is one of the directors at A2B, despite his status at the company he still has a very hands on approach. Tom drives the team constantly looking for innovative new ways A2B can improve and move forward in the future. Tom is a lover of breakfasts, he pioneered Saturday morning breakfasts and often arrives at work with a McDonalds in hand.  

This concludes our meet the team blog post, each A2B team member is dedicated to helping you in your search for quality good value stationery products. Please feel free to leave comments, we look forward to hearing from you.


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Good work guys. Received the mail lites ultra fast ;-) Merry xmas to you all!!
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